Grunas Waterfall

Beyond Theth National Park’s snow-dusted pinnacles lies Albania’s postcard-perfect Grunas Waterfall.

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Visit Albania’s Serene Grunas Waterfall

Tucked away in Theth National Park, a dramatic circle of cliffs and snowy peaks create Albania’s stunning Grunas Waterfall. This 25-meter fall spills into bright blue pools, creating a winter wonderland as the spray freezes into sparkling ice.

The Grunas Waterfall

A favorite for stunning photos and a must-see in the park, the waterfall is just one of the many breathtaking views in this untouched part of the Albanian Alps, not far from the sandy Adriatic beaches.

Theth Albania
The quant village of Theth in Northern Albania

Best Time to Explore Wild Nature

Getting to these remote mountain areas near Montenegro and Kosovo is a real adventure. It’s not for the casual visitor or those who prefer easy travel.

Trekking from Theth to Valbona villages in Albania
Trekking from Theth to Valbona villages in Northern Albania

The journey into this wild and untouched part of Europe is a commitment but offers a unique chance to experience solitude and natural beauty that’s rare to find nowadays. As the area modernizes, it’s a chance to see a way of life that bridges the gap between Eastern and Western traditions, one that’s quickly changing.

Grunas Waterfall in Theth National Park

Connecting with Nature and Tradition

Local families living here long before the modern borders were drawn survive off this rugged land and welcome visitors with open arms. They offer a glimpse into a life of awe-inspiring views and traditions, where running family guesthouses is a new chapter in their history. Visiting here is a rare opportunity to see this sacred place up close, guided by those who know it best.

Although I was born in Albania, I've spent my adult life traveling there as a tourist. Being a native who visits frequently, I can give you an insider's view of Europe's best-kept secret.
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