Mountain Peaks

From the snow-capped peaks of the Accursed Mountains to paragliding over turquoise Lake Ohrid, Albania’s majestic heights promise high-altitude adventure.

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Major Mountain Peaks in Albania

Beyond Albania’s sun-kissed coastline lies an adventure wonderland of towering peaks and remote valleys. The Accursed Mountains, one of Europe’s last true wilderness frontiers, remain largely untouched – a refuge of jagged ridges, ice-blue tarns, and windswept highland pastures grazed by free-roaming herds. Get ready to explore the Balkans’ best hiking as you journey into the heights of Shqipëria – land of the Eagles.

Korab (2,764 m / 9,068 ft)

Mount Korab, the highest peak in Albania, straddles the border with North Macedonia and rises to a majestic 9,068 feet. Renowned for its challenging hikes, Korab offers a range of climbing experiences from moderate to strenuous. The summit hike rewards adventurers with astonishing views of turquoise tarns and distant ridges, encapsulating the region’s tumultuous history and stunning natural beauty. The area also invites camping enthusiasts to explore the serene environs of Radomira.

Jezercë (2,694 m / 8,839 ft)

Jezercë, the second-highest mountain in Albania, is a remarkable part of the Albanian Alps, towering over 26,000 feet. Surrounded by glacial lakes and the source of the Valbonë River, Jezercë offers hikers breathtaking and challenging trails through remote and majestic landscapes. These peaks stand as a natural barrier against modernity, preserving the pristine beauty of Albania’s highlands.

Grykat e Hapëta (2,625 m / 8,612 ft)

Known as “The Open Pass,” Grykat e Hapëta is a stunning peak offering panoramic views of the Valbona Valley and the Albanian Alps. Located along the Valbonë River and offering vistas of Koman Lake, this mountain is a paradise for hikers seeking trails with spectacular valley views. The nearby village of Valbona enriches the experience with its traditional Albanian culture.

Maja e Popllukës (2,578 m / 8,458 ft)

Maja e Popllukës, located in the Albanian Alps, is a tranquil retreat offering panoramic views. Crossed by the Theth River and providing views of the Theth Valley, it is a serene hiking destination near Theth village and National Park. The natural wonders of this region include alpine peaks and landscapes, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a peaceful escape into nature.

Maja e Tomorrit (2,468 m / 8,097 ft)

Maja e Tomorrit, a sacred mountain for Albanians, is known for its historical and religious sites and moderate hikes. This mountain, a source of the Tomorrica River and providing vistas of the Osumi River Valley, is part of the Tomorri Mountain National Park and includes a Bektashi pilgrimage site. The forested vistas and summit views blend natural beauty with spiritual significance.

Shëndelli (2,388 m / 7,835 ft)

Shëndelli, offering challenging hikes with breathtaking views of the Valbona Valley, is ideal for experienced adventurers. Located along the Valbonë River, the mountain offers sweeping panoramas of the valley. Its proximity to Valbona Valley National Park and rugged trails provides an exhilarating experience that combines adventure and cultural exploration.


Lurë (2,415 m / 7,923 ft)

The Lurë mountain, known for its challenging hikes and stunning views of the Valbona Valley and the Albanian Alps, offers diverse trails for explorers. The nearby Lura National Park and Lura Lakes add more natural attractions to this area, making it an ideal spot for day hikes and exploration of Albania’s diverse landscapes.

Lurë National Park
Lurë National Park

Maja e Radohimes (2,277 m / 7,470 ft)

Maja e Radohimes offers moderate hiking experiences surrounded by picturesque countryside views. The mountain’s trails lead through beautiful landscapes, making it an excellent destination for those seeking a less strenuous hiking experience while enjoying the natural beauty of Albania.

Maja e Radohimës
Maja e Radohimës

Mali i Gramozit (2,523 m / 8,277 ft)

Mali i Gramozit, a mountain range in southeastern Albania, is renowned for its challenging hikes and untouched natural beauty. The remote and rugged trails of this mountain range are perfect for adventurers looking to explore off-the-beaten-path and experience the wild side of Albania’s mountainous terrain.

Gramoz Mountains
Gramoz Mountains

Maja e Dajtit (1,613 m / 5,292 ft)

Maja e Dajtit, located near Tirana, offers easy hiking access and panoramic city views. The Dajti Ekspres Cable Car provides an effortless route to the top, where visitors can enjoy sweeping views of Tirana. Dajti National Park on the mountain caters to a variety of recreational activities, making it a convenient nature escape.

Dajti Mountains
Dajti Mountains

Gjallica Mountain

Gjallica Mountain, standing at an impressive 2,489 meters (8,166 feet), is a prominent peak in northeastern Albania. This mountain is a part of the lesser-known, yet equally captivating, mountain ranges of Albania, offering a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Gjallica Mountain
Gjallica Mountain

Majestic Theth National Park Peaks and Glacial Lakes

Theth National Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Accessible via steep hikes, it boasts numerous adventures, overlooking mirror-like tarns with azure tints. Radohima Peak offers stunning views, best enjoyed after a night in one of the park’s lodges.

Theth national park Albanian Alps
Valbone River Valley in Theth National Park, Albanian Alps

Paragliding from Lake Ohrid to Mountain Aerie Prespa

For a unique perspective on Albania’s mountainous spine, drift weightlessly by paraglider towards the tranquil waters of Lake Ohrid. Spot ancient castles clinging to cliffs and timeworn villages scattered across hillsides from your slowly revolving vantage point high above the liquid expanse.

Tandem Paraglider over Lake Ohrid Albania
Tandem Paraglider flying over Lake Ohrid, Pogradec

Immerse Yourself in Age-old Highland Cultures

Albania’s remote ranges safeguard rich living cultural traditions that persist through the centuries. Experience authentic highland life by staying in simple village guesthouses, trying home-cooked specialties, and discovering local handicrafts. Let the warm hospitality and enduring spirit of these quiet mountain communities work their magic.

Albanian flag on wall in mountain coffeehouse
Coffeehouse on the trail from Theth Valley to Valbona Valley in the Albanian Alps

Adventurous Terrain for Extreme Sports

Modern tourism infrastructure and extreme sports outfitters have made these once prohibitive grades accessible. Now, a dozen iconic heights invite a new generation to indulge in extreme sports, from running and glissading to base jumping, across virgin powder fields and lofty vantages, with hamlets twinkling miles away beneath the clouds.

Hiking in Albania
Hikers trekking the Albanian Alps

Your Turn for High-Adrenaline Exploits

Each of these mountains in Albania offers a unique experience, combining natural beauty with cultural richness. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a nature lover, or a cultural enthusiast, Albania’s mountains provide a plethora of opportunities to explore and discover. So pack your hiking boots, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the majestic mountains of Albania.

Although I was born in Albania, I've spent my adult life traveling there as a tourist. Being a native who visits frequently, I can give you an insider's view of Europe's best-kept secret.
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