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While many Albanians speak English, learning simple greetings and phrases in Albanian is a great way to interact with locals during your trip to Albania.

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Helpful Language for Day to Day

While many Albanians in the cities and tourist areas speak English, learning a few keywords and phrases in Albanian will help you interact with locals and navigate your trip smoothly. Here are some of the most useful Albanian words and phrases for tourists.

Common Greetings:

Hello – Përshëndetje

Good morning – Mirëmëngjes

Good afternoon – Mirëdita

Good evening – Mirëmbrëma

Goodbye – Mirupafshim

Thank you – Faleminderit

You’re welcome – S’ka përse

Excuse me – Më falni

Yes – Po

No – Jo

Basic Questions:

Do you speak English? – A flisni anglisht?

I don’t understand – Nuk kuptoj

Where is…? – Ku ndodhet…?

How much is this? – Sa kushton kjo?

Where is the bathroom? – Ku është tualeti?

Food-Related Phrases:

I’m vegetarian – Jam vegjetarian

No meat for me – Pa mish për mua

No fish for me – Pa peshk për mua

The check/bill please – Llogarinë ju lutem

Shopping Phrases

How much does this cost? – Sa kushton kjo?

Too expensive – Shumë e shtrenjtë

I’ll take it – Do ta marr

Getting Around

Where is…? – Ku ndodhet…?

Train station – Stacioni i trenit

Bus station – Stacioni i autobusit

Airport – Aeroporti

Hotel – Hotel

Left – Majtas

Right – Djathtas

Straight ahead – Përpara

Behind – Prapa


Help! – Ndihmë!

Call a doctor – Telefononi një mjek

Call the police – Telefononi policinë

Learning these common Albanian words and phrases will help you get by as a tourist in Albania. Albanians are friendly, so don’t be shy about trying out your language skills. Have a wonderful trip! Gëzuar udhëtimin!

Although I was born in Albania, I've spent my adult life traveling there as a tourist. Being a native who visits frequently, I can give you an insider's view of Europe's best-kept secret.
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