With towering mountains, gentle breezes, and stunning coastal and inland views, Albania has rapidly gained popularity as a world-class paragliding destination.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Albania offers some of Europe’s most stunning and undiscovered landscapes for paragliding adventures. From majestic mountains to pristine beaches, adrenaline-pumping thermals to gentle coastal breezes, Albania caters to every pilot’s dream.

Top Spots to Take Flight

Albania’s strikingly diverse landscape, from rugged mountains to glittering coastlines, creates the perfect playground for paragliding adventures to suit all interests and skill levels. Here’s an overview of top spots and price ranges for unforgettable aerial journeys across Albania.

Dajti Mountain

  • Looming over capital Tirana, this 1,600 meter peak provides a quick urban escape with adrenaline-pumping rides off windswept cliffs and sweeping views.
  • Price Range: €99-145 per tandem flight


  • As one of Albania’s main beach towns overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Durres offers coastal cliff and ridge soaring with sweeping views of the ancient port and ruins dotting the city’s shoreline.
  • Paratrike flights that combine paragliding with a propeller aircraft are popular for their accessibility and ease for beginner fliers.
  • Price Range: €99 for intro/tandem paratrike flights


  • Catch thermals rising from the Osumi River Canyon to float over the thousand whitewashed Ottoman houses blanketing Berat’s hillsides that contribute to its UNESCO World Heritage aesthetic and charm.
  • Price Range: €80-120 tandem flights

Lake Ohrid

  • Glide over the crystalline waters of this ancient lake dotted with historic churches along the dramatic mountainous Albania-North Macedonia border.
  • Price Range: €69-119 per tandem flight

Llogora National Park

  • Offering seaside cliff launches along the Ceraunian Mountains, views stretch for miles across the turquoise Ionian Sea and the forested Karaburun Peninsula.
  • Price Range: €95-135 per tandem flight

Mount Tomorr

  • At 2,416 meters, Albania’s highest peak has excellent summer thermals and ridge soaring with views of UNESCO Berat Valley 30 km north.


  • Gentler coastal breezes, vibrant beach towns and sleepy villages provide relaxed glides above the Bay of Vlorë with the Albanian Riviera as your backdrop.
  • Price Range: €85-99 per tandem flight


  • Launch from the towering Gjirokaster Fortress walls overlooking the Drinos River Valley for dramatic views of the iconic Ottoman architecture and brooding castle fortifications that earned its UNESCO distinction.

Gear Must-Haves

Operators offer rentals but purchasing enables proper fitting and equipment familiarity for optimal aerial agility and safety. Key gear includes EN/LTF certified paragliders, reserve parachutes, protective harnesses, rigid hiking boots and lightweight layers.

Building Skills

Beginners must enroll in basic courses covering ground handling, launching, turning, landing and more through schools like Aeronautika Shqiptare before soloing. Intermediates should practice coordinated 360° turns, stall recovery, reserve deployment and more during club fly-ins. Guides like Iliret e Maleve lead remote trek-and-fly peaks.

Weather Wisdom

Coastal flights harness steady Adriatic breezes in spring and fall. Inland mountain routes rely on fickle summer thermals and ridge lift. Evaluating wind speed, overnight freeze thaw, approaching storms, and other indicators helps minimize risks.

Final Descent

Beyond breathtaking aerial adventures, take time to discover Albania’s cultural gems – from buzzing Tirana nightlife to ancient sites like UNESCO-listed Gjirokastër. Immerse yourself in Albania’s hospitality and let the soaring mountain spirit beckon your next airborne journey.

Although I was born in Albania, I've spent my adult life traveling there as a tourist. Being a native who visits frequently, I can give you an insider's view of Europe's best-kept secret.
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