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Our mission is to give travelers trustworthy advice and insights to discover this captivating country’s best places to see, stay, tours, and experiences.

Many of our recommendations come from our team and contributor’s firsthand travel experiences exploring Albania. We pay out of pocket to evaluate properties, dine at restaurants, and book tours so we can provide authentic perspectives. We always aim to communicate what we know to benefit our readers − not businesses.

However, creating quality content carries costs. To fund our work, we participate in affiliate programs. If a reader clicks from our site to a booking site and makes a qualifying purchase like a hotel stay or tour, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to the traveler. These commissions do not influence our recommendations but allow us to keep all our travel guides accessible.

We adhere to strict editorial ethics and transparency standards. Any content hosted on the site that resulted from a financial relationship will be disclosed. And we never accept free or discounted travel perks in exchange for coverage.

We put readers first with recommendations and insights to get the most from your Albania visit. Reach out with any questions. We look forward to helping you discover Albania.

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