Historical Sites

Explore Albania’s captivating historical sites. From ancient ruins to monumental landmarks, discover the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

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Durrës Amphitheater

Durrës Amphitheatre

Explore Albania’s mammoth Roman arena recently excavated after enduring medieval plunders, quakes and conquests to showcase remarkably preserved chambers soon hosting performances again inside one of Adriatic’s most commanding ruins.

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permet albania

Kadiut Bridge

Traverse the historic multi-arched Kadiu Bridge by Përmet displaying proud regional stonemasonry techniques that first connected logging villages across the Langarica River centuries before modern transportation infrastructure carved through Albania’s southern mountains.

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Rozafa Castle and Shkoder

Castles & Fortresses

From ancient Illyrian settlements to medieval citadels to Ottoman military fortifications, Albania is liberally strewn with castles and fortresses of historical significance and rugged beauty.

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Porto Palermo Castle

Explore the historical marvel of Porto Palermo Castle in Albania—how it was built, why it matters in Albania’s history, and what makes it a must-visit for any traveler.

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Kamenica Tumulus Albania

Tumulus of Kamenica

Tumulus of Kamenica contains Albania’s largest prehistoric burial ground with over 400 tombs showing shifting funeral customs intertwining the Albanian storyline across thousands of years through artifacts newly discovered under plainsgrass.

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Royal Illyrian Tombs of Selca e Poshtme

Ancient Illyrian Tombs of Selca

Take a trip back in time as we explore the fascinating Illyrian tombs of Selca. Experience a piece of history and enrich your knowledge of this ancient civilization.

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Kardhiq Castle, Albania

Kardhiq Castle

Explore Kardhiq Castle’s rich history and strategic architecture, a compelling destination that merges Albania’s past with panoramic natural beauty.

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Drisht Castle, Albania

Drisht Castle

Drisht Castle’s strategic clifftop location has ensured perpetual significance across regimes since its 1000 BCE founding – as evidenced by defensive ruins still overlooking regional trade routes where Ottoman forces finally toppled the stronghold’s Venetian-built walls in 1478.

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Berat Castle Albania

Berat Castle

Explore Berat Castle, a living museum dating back to the 4th century BC, where ancient architecture and modern life coexist atop a scenic hill in Albania.

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Phoenice Finiq Archaeological Park Albania

The Ancient City of Phoenice

Founded in the 6th century BC, the ancient city of Phoenice thrived as a trade hub and capital of the Chaonian tribe until abandonment in the 3rd century AD. Today its ruins offer enchanting archaeological wanderings through remnants of walls, dwellings, temples and a grand theater telling millennia-old tales.

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