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Himarë, located on the Albanian Riviera, is known for its picturesque beaches, mountainous scenery, and delightful coastal ambiance.

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Why Visit Himarë

Himarë has embraced development while retaining its traditional charm. Old stone houses and winding lanes mingle with trendy cafes and restaurants in a fusion of past and present. The pebbled beaches, historic sites like the 15th century Castle of Himarë, and scenic mountain trails invite exploration of the town’s diverse personality.

Top Sights and Activities

With lively beach bars, ancient fortress ruins, Orthodox churches, secluded coves, and excellent Mediterranean dining, Himarë promises memorable experiences for beachgoers, culture vultures, adventurers, and foodies.

  • Relax on the lively promenade at Spile Beach, or discover hidden coves like Livadhi, Zalli, and Filikuri beaches.
  • Hike the Piluri Trail through olive groves and forests to panoramic views.
  • Wander the Old Town’s picturesque alleys and glimpse traditional local life.
  • Visit the iconic 16th-century Castle of Himarë overlooking the town and sea.
  • Explore seaside Orthodox churches like the Church of St. Stephen with historic frescoes.
  • Try adrenaline-pumping activities like sea kayaking, paddle boarding, or parasailing.
  • Savor fresh seafood, local dishes like tave kosi, and sweet byrek pastries at waterfront restaurants.

Getting There and Around

Reach Himarë through a stunning 3-hour coastal drive from Tirana or a 4-hour bus ride. Ferries from Corfu arrive at the nearby Port of Sarandë. Once there, walking, taxis, or rental cars allow easy exploration.

Planning Your Visit

  • Visit in spring or autumn for pleasant weather and fewer tourists.
  • Stay in centrally located hotels or guesthouses for easy access to beaches and town.
  • Learn some friendly Albanian phrases to connect with locals.
  • Carry sun protection, proper footwear for trails, and cash for transactions.

With its beautiful seascapes, small-town charm, diversity of attractions, and hospitality, Himarë is an Albanian Riviera gem worth discovering.

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