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I’m Enri, the guy behind AlbaniaVisit.

Let me give you a glimpse into who I am so you know you’re in good hands.

I was born in Albania and spent much of my childhood there. This early experience taught me about Albania’s people and culture firsthand.

Living abroad, I have also experienced Albania as a tourist, giving me a unique dual perspective that you won’t get from most tour guides.

AlbaniaVisit started from my frustrations visiting Albania. Despite its natural beauty and rich heritage, reliable information and infrastructure are scarce.

I saw massive potential in Albania as an up-and-coming destination if only travelers could access inspiring and practical guidance.

That sparked my mission to showcase all Albania offers and make travel here easy, approachable, and meaningful.

There’s still room to grow, but I want to change perceptions and open Albania to a broader audience of travelers.

If you plan to visit Albania, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have as you organize your trip.

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Who We are

We're natives so we know Albania intimately. But we've also experienced it as tourists ourselves. So we understand the visitor experience and perspective.
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What We Do

Our goal is to share the best of Albania with you. We are always exploring beyond popular tourist sights to discover places and stories that showcase the true spirit of Albania.

What We Cover

Here, you'll find information on all the top sights and destinations in Albania, plus some great lesser-known spots that visitors might overlook.
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Our Mission

With our local expertise, we aim to inspire travelers to discover the rich culture, history and hospitality that makes Albania such a memorable travel destination.
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Republic of Albania

Albania is an emerging yet still off-the-beaten-path destination offering pristine beaches, historic towns, mountainous terrain for hiking, a growing tourism infrastructure, and quintessential Mediterranean food and culture.

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International Driving Permit

Albania requires foreigners to hold an International Driving Permit alongside their homeland license for legal driving as tourists. This article shares everything you need to know about getting an IDP for smooth car rental and driving in Albania.


Exploring Albania

A guide to visiting Albania including entry requirements, safety, transportation, currency, language, top attractions, and ideal times to visit.

Albania Sim Cards

Staying Connected

We compare local Albanian SIM cards, roaming, and leading eSIM providers like Airalo to recommend the best way to stay connected across devices when visiting Albania.

Tirana Albania Illustration

Renting a Car

Essential tips for renting car in Albania. Advice on costs, laws, safety, best destinations. Guidance for road trip.

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