Explore Albania’s history and culture, where age-old traditions coexist with contemporary life. This category provides a comprehensive look at a nation that has seamlessly blended its past and present.

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Vlore Money Lenders 1997

A Winding Ascent

The failure of pyramid schemes wiped out Albanians’ savings and unleashed a descent into violence, chaos and shredded trust.

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The Illyrians

Modern scholars exhume an overlooked Iron Age society of warriors and pirates matching Greece and Rome’s sophistication before turbulence erased their memory.

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Ancient Illyrians

Reassessing the Historical Narrative

A growing body of discoveries dispels revisionist histories dismissing Albanians as medieval invaders, instead substantiating ancient Illyrian roots.

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Ancient Illyria in Albania

Ancient Cities & Civilizations

Discover the ancient cities and civilizations of Albania going back to the Bronze Age Illyrians and tribes like the Ardiaei, Taulanti, and Bylliones who dominated different regions of modern day Albania.

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Albania EU


Approaching two decades since formally applying to join the EU, Albania’s accession progress mirrors its broader rise as a regional dynamo reinventing itself.

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Hoxha statue falls in Albania 1990


Student revolts in 1990 sparked anti-communist protests gathering momentum through 1991, until Albania transitioned from Europe’s last Stalinist state to embryonic democracy despite turbulence.

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Communism Albania


Emerging from WW2’s rubble, Albania’s Marxist-Leninist regime brought economic and social changes but evolved into a hermit police state before collapse returned freedom in 1991.

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Albanian independence 1912


Explore Albania’s journey from gaining independence in 1912 to navigating the complexities of monarchy and global conflicts.

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Ottoman Invasion

Discover Ottoman Albania’s journey from conquest to independence, a tale of resilience, cultural fusion, and the forging of national identity.

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Albania Byzantine Era

Byzantine Influence

Unearth the Byzantine influence that shaped Albania for over a millennium. From early Christianization to the rise of local principalities, delve into an era that’s often overlooked but deeply impactful.

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