Learn how to get around Albania using buses, shared vans, trains, taxis, ferries, and airplanes. Discover tips for planning transportation between cities and advice for driving in Albania.

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Driving Albania

International Driving Permit

Albania requires foreigners to hold an International Driving Permit alongside their homeland license for legal driving as tourists. This article shares everything you need to know about getting an IDP for smooth car rental and driving in Albania.

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Tirana Albania Illustration

Renting a Car

Essential tips for renting car in Albania. Advice on costs, laws, safety, best destinations. Guidance for road trip.

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ETIAS Europe Travel

New Travel Regulations for Europe

ETIAS is coming in 2024 and will affect travelers to Europe, including Albania.

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Albania Travel

Vlora International Airport

Vlora International Airport is setting a new standard for travel in Albania, with innovative design, strategic significance, and a commitment to sustainability.

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