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Stay updated with Albania’s latest happenings, from cultural festivals and art exhibitions to historical commemorations and contemporary events, all reflecting the nation’s dynamic and evolving cultural landscape.

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Albania Qualifies for Euro 2024

An unfancied underdog no more, Albania clinched Euro 2024 qualification in fairytale fashion, defying odds and expectations alike.

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EU and Albania

Albania’s EU Accession

Almost twenty years after formally applying to the EU, Albania is fully engaged in accession reforms but still grappling with judicial delays, rights issues and communicating requisite changes.

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ETIAS Europe Travel

New Travel Regulations for Europe

ETIAS is coming in 2024 and will affect travelers to Europe, including Albania.

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Albania Travel

Vlora International Airport

Vlora International Airport is setting a new standard for travel in Albania, with innovative design, strategic significance, and a commitment to sustainability.

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Albania Blue Flag Beach

Albania’s First Blue Flag Beach

Discover Green Coast, the first beach in Albania to receive the prestigious Blue Flag certification for sustainable tourism.

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Modern Albania Today Music Art

Europe’s Music Festival Hotspot

Music festivals in Albania bring international attention and economic opportunities while raising sustainability questions regarding the country’s tourism explosion.

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