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Tirana’s Pyramid

Understand debates swirling around Albania’s puzzling Pyramid as assertions of the nation’s identity through eras when the costly former museum endured abandonment, calls for demolition, before reaching its hopeful revival hosting youth IT training merging progress and symbolic presence.

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National Opera and Ballet Theater of Albania in Tirana on Skanderbeg Square.

Opera and Ballet Theater

Attend weekend opera or ballet performances within Tirana’s elegant National Opera and Ballet Theater borders hear Albanian premieres alongside international symphonies and classics staged by over 250 resident artists representing the country’s thriving music education system and rigid creative traditions.

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Et'hem Bey Mosque in Skanderberg Square. Tirana, Albania

Et’hem Bey Mosque

The fully restored 18th century Et’hem Bey Mosque stands as a living testament to Albania’s hardiness and religious freedom, its elegant Ottoman-influenced architecture and rare surviving frescoes now nurturing Tirana’s Islamic community after decades of authoritarian assaults against faith.

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Scanderbeg Square with illuminated fountain

Sky Restaurant & Bar

More than just novel aerial views, Sky Bar’s 45-minute celestial rotation serves as metaphor for Albania’s stark departure from isolationist rule towards an open society with expanded global horizons befitting its premium continental menu and interstellar interior.

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Skanderbeg Square

At the vital center of Albania’s thriving capital lies Skanderbeg Square – an urban oasis fusing Tirana’s past and future through architectural treasures, public gatherings and traditional commerce that encapsulate the nation’s complex spirit.

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