Tours in Albania

Eclectic Architecture
Tirana - Discover Albania's Vibrant Capital

Tirana - Discover Albania's Vibrant Capital

  • Hand-picked top Tirana tours and activities
  • Authentic local food, culture, history experiences
  • Flexible sightseeing - private to small group options

Tours of Albania's colorful capital showcase whimsical modern architecture alongside Ottoman-era sights like the lavish Et'hem Bey Mosque. Catch views from the rotating Sky Tower, browse lively markets while sampling local cuisine, or toast Tirana’s quirkiness over craft cocktails in the revived Blloku District.

  • 5-star rated Tirana tours and guides
  • Unique insights into local life/culture
  • Easy online booking & trip planning
  • Popular tours book out fast
Medieval Castle & Bazaar
Kruja - Journey Back in Time to Medieval Albania

Kruja - Journey Back in Time to Medieval Albania

  • Tour the mammoth Kruja Castle and Skanderbeg Museum
  • Wander the 15th-century Ottoman-style Old Bazaar
  • See traditional craftspeople at work
  • Sample hearty Albanian cuisine
  • Marvel at panoramic views from Mount Kruja

Perched high atop a mountain, the medieval city of Kruja transports visitors back centuries with its wonderfully preserved Ottoman-style stone architecture, bazaar, and grand castle complex. Walk the historic cobblestone lanes as you explore Albania’s longest-inhabited city, once home to national hero Skanderbeg as he bravely fought off invaders. From the iconic twin-towered gateway, lose yourself bartering and shopping with locals in the 15th-century bazaar before ascending to the hilltop castle grounds. Gaze at panoramic views as your guide recounts gripping battles or siege tales, breathing life into the living museum around you.

  • Step back in time to explore well-preserved medieval architecture
  • Wander through historic bazaar and castle with sweeping views
  • Learn about Albania's history and national hero, Skanderbeg
  • Sample hearty Albanian cuisine
  • Local shopping opportunities for artisan goods
  • Avoid summer crowds through small group tours
  • There are lots of uneven cobblestones and stairs to navigate
  • Remote hilltop location, fewer amenities available
  • Potential for heavy tourist crowds in summer
  • Rain or winter weather reduces the appeal
  • Most attractions are concentrated in compact old town
  • Extra travel time required from Tirana/other cities
Ancient Roman Ruins
Apollonia - Journey Back Over 2,000 Years

Apollonia - Journey Back Over 2,000 Years

  • Marvel at sprawling Roman-era ruins
  • Wander the ages-old stone monastery
  • Survey lush countryside from this ancient harbor

Viator's top-rated tours provide insider access and storytelling, unveiling Apollonia's rich history as one of the Adriatic's most important ancient port cities. Walk in the footsteps of Greeks, Romans, Illyrians, and Byzantines while soaking up gorgeous scenery and warm hospitality.


  • Fully customizable private tour itinerary and pacing
  • In-depth exploration of Apollonia's sprawling ancient ruins
  • Opportunity to see wildlife in Karavasta Lagoon
  • Avoid crowds with personalized guide attention
  • Transport and tickets included
  • It is a long travel day, so it can be tiring
  • Remote locations, less amenities available
  • Tour prices at the higher-end
Hike / Boat Only
Gjipe - Conquer Limestone Cliffs, Kayak Turquoise Bays

Gjipe - Conquer Limestone Cliffs, Kayak Turquoise Bays

  • Kayak crystal waters to hidden coves
  • Stand-up paddleboard calm turquoise bays
  • Relax on golden shores after action-packed days

Viator offers intimate canyon and water adventures in one of Albania's most dramatically beautiful settings. Whether you crave adrenaline or relaxation, Gjipe Beach delivers.


  • Dramatic coastal scenery with mountains, canyons, crystal waters
  • Once off-the-beaten-path destination, still relatively undiscovered
  • Abundant adventure activities like canyoning, kayaking, hiking
  • Excellent spot for nature lovers and active travelers
  • Chance to visit nearby attractions like Phoenice archeological site
  • Remote location, minimal amenities available
  • Access is difficult - long, winding mountain road
  • Limited infrastructure - no boardwalks, facilities, shade, etc
  • The steep hike down to the beach requires good mobility
  • Natural landscape fragile to over-tourism
  • The beach can get very crowded during the peak summer season
Seaside Adventures
Dhërmi - Pristine Beaches, Dramatic Canyons

Dhërmi - Pristine Beaches, Dramatic Canyons

  • Scuba dive to discover airplane wrecks and reefs
  • Brave the cliffs and waters of Gjipe Canyon
  • Kayak and paddleboard turquoise coastal waters
  • Take flight paragliding above mountain-backed beaches

Viator offers intimate, expert-led adventures showcasing Dhermi's natural wonders above and below the sparkling surface. Whether you seek adrenaline, culture, or relaxation, Dhermi delivers an unforgettable Mediterranean escape.


  • Dramatic coastal scenery with mountains, canyons, crystal waters
  • Variety of adventurous activities like canyoning, scuba diving, paragliding,
  • Chance to explore charming mountain villages like Himare and Qeparo
  • Great combination of nature, culture, relaxation
  • Avoid summer crowds through small group tours
  • Remote location, limited amenities in surrounding areas
  • Steep terrain, lots of hills and stairs to navigate
  • Some activities, like canyoning, may be too adventurous for some
  • Extra travel time is required from the main Albanian cities
  • Lodging lacks larger international resorts

Discover Albania’s Wonders

Albania is a captivating country to explore, with a rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural landscapes just waiting to be discovered. To help you make the most of your visit, we’ve compiled this list of the top tours you should take in Albania.

Tour the Historic Cities

Some of Albania’s top attractions are found in its historic cities like Berat, Gjirokastra, and Shkodra. A guided walking tour is the best way to discover these places and learn about their past. Knowledgeable local guides will reveal hidden corners and share the significance of landmarks like the hilltop castles of Berat and Gjirokastra. After your history lesson, they can also recommend the best authentic restaurants to get a taste of Albanian cuisine.

Hike the Majestic Mountains

Albania has some breathtaking mountain scenery. Theth National Park, located in the Albanian Alps, is considered one of the country’s top hiking destinations. Guided day trips take you through pristine valleys and lakes, with stops to learn about local customs. Longer multi-day treks allow keen hikers to fully experience the beauty of Theth while staying in village guesthouses along the way. Valbona Valley is another popular spot for scenic day hikes and challenging mountain treks.

Visit UNESCO Sites

Several destinations in Albania have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their outstanding value. Butrint National Park contains impressive Greek and Roman archaeological ruins in a forest beside Lake Butrint. A UNESCO-listed tour will provide context to help understand the different civilizations that have left their mark there over time. Gjirokastra’s medieval Old Town and Ottoman-era mansions sitting on the slopes of the Drino Valley also hold UNESCO World Heritage status.

Learn About Albanian Culture

Taking part in an authentic Albanian cooking class or food tour lets you discover the country through its cuisine. Guided tours may include tastings of specialty dishes and local ingredients at markets around Tirana. Hands-on cooking lessons provide insights into Albanian culinary traditions with recipes you can take home. Some rural village tours include meals at family homes for deeper immersion into local life.

Venture Into Nature

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of active escapes in Albania’s beautiful landscapes. Rafting along stretches of the Vjosa River surrounded by mountain scenery offers an adventurous way to experience nature. Guides can accommodate all skill levels. Cycling is also popular, whether biking through vineyards or tackling off-road trails. And horseback riding trips appeal to visitors who want to traverse the countryside uniquely.

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