Ilia Zhulati

Greetings, friends!

I’m Ilia, but you can call me Dr. Z.

Before we explore Albania’s fascinating history and culture together, let me introduce myself – your guide.

I began life simply in a quiet mountain village, Grabovë near Përmet, that instilled big dreams stretching beyond Albania’s borders.

Language runs in my family – my grandfather was a polyglot who spoke multiple languages fluently. From a young age, I felt compelled by the power of words and speech to transcend barriers. I set my sights on learning English.

In isolated Communist Albania, resources for learning English were scarce. Still, driven by fascination, I pieced together an education using whatever limited textbooks and classes I could access.

My perseverance paid off, allowing me to achieve fluency in English despite the scarce resources in Albania at the time.

That skill opened an unexpected door – becoming Albania’s first press secretary to the United Nations in New York City.

Although my efforts are not widely known, I paved the way for establishing formal diplomatic ties between Albania and the United States during intense political change.

Later, I found great fulfillment in teaching English and sharing my linguistic passion with students in Texas for many years.

As an author, I have the privilege of revealing Albania’s rich cultural heritage to visitors like you.

Are you interested in learning Albanian phrases for an upcoming trip? Reach out for a personalized learning experience.

I look forward to crossing bridges together,

Your guide,

Dr. Z

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