Southern Albania

Discover the coastal cities, ancient ruins, medieval villages, and stunning natural beauty of Southern Albania. Hike the rugged mountains, relax on pristine beaches, sample delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this captivating region.

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Upper Qeparo in Albania


Located along the Albanian Riviera, Qeparo offers a unique blend of pristine beaches, ancient ruins, and mouthwatering cuisine.

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korcë, albania


Discover Korçë, an artistic wonder with bustling markets, centuries-old traditions, stunning sights like its cathedral and museums, and natural beauty in the surrounding mountains.

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Explore Tepelenë’s history spots like its castle, natural wonders like the Vjosa River, and local cuisine featuring qofte meatballs and raki spirit in this scenic southern Albanian town.

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The blue eye, Delvinë, Vlore, Albania


Discover Delvinë’s rich 3,000-year history, outdoor activities like hiking trails and biking routes, and charming small-town hospitality in this scenic southern Albanian destination.

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Gjirokastër, Albania


Discover Gjirokastër, an enchanting UNESCO-listed “City of Stone” where rich history collides with modern hospitality, from its mighty fortress to vibrant bazaars and festivals.

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himare albania


Discover Himarë on the Albanian Riviera, known for picturesque beaches, winding lanes, historic sites like its castle, and a fusion of traditional charm and modern amenities.

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For sheer beauty Ksamil can compete with regional headlining beaches like St. Tropez or Capri.

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butrint albania


Ancient Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has visible remains spanning over two millennia.

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Albania, Vlore


Discover Vlora for stunning beaches, ancient sites like Kanina Castle, museums spotlighting history and culture, delicious seafood, and energetic nightlife in this sunny coastal destination.

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saranda albania


A picturesque rocky coastline, scenic bays, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site make Saranda the perfect base to explore the Albanian Riviera.

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