Indulge in sun, sand, and relaxation at Albania’s stunning beaches. Discover the charm of coastal getaways, where the waves meet pristine shores for an unforgettable experience.

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The Albanian Riviera

From the busy ports of Vlora to time-frozen villages clinging barnacle-like onto sea cliffs, Albania’s gorgeous Riviera unfurls like a visual epic where each captivating stop unveils cultural treasures spanning history, cuisine and natural spectacle.

St Andrews Bay Karaburun Peninsula, Albania
Secluded Beaches

Discover Albania’s virgin, secluded, boat-only beaches. From the mystical allure of Grama Bay to the picture-perfect serenity of Filikuri Beach, leave the crowds behind and plunge into crystalline waters.

Dafina Bay Albania
Dafina Bay

Hidden away on Albania’s Karaburun Peninsula, the breathtaking Dafina Bay offers a peaceful escape with its sweeping turquoise waters, pristine beach, and unspoiled natural beauty.

St Andrews Bay Karaburun Peninsula, Albania
Karaburun Peninsula

Escape the crowds and journey along Albania’s Karaburun Peninsula to discover secluded beaches, breathtaking landscapes, mystical caves, and rich marine life in this Adriatic and Ionian paradise where the two seas meet.

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